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Sidney Nolan (Simon Mundy)


Sidney Nolan (1917-1992) was one of the most innovative and versatile artists of the 20th century. In his native Australia his work defined the identity of the landscape and the mythology of the continent for two generations. He was controversial, prolific and often infuriated critics by refusing to let his art fit into convenient envelopes.

Published in 2017 by the Sidney Nolan Trust as part of centenary celebrations of Nolan’s birth, Simon Mundy’s short biography introduces Nolan and the context of his life for the general reader and art lover. It explains the complexities of the man and the stature of his work - and describes the way his legacy is continued through the Sidney Nolan Trust a century after Nolan’s birth.



Transferences: Sidney Nolan in Britain (Rebecca Daniels)

with contributions from Paula Dredge, Shaun Gladwell, Kate McMillan, Barry Pearce, Simon Pierse and Bill Shaffer

Sidney Nolan (1917-1992) is one of the foremost international artists of the twentieth century. Born in Melbourne of Irish descent, he relocated to Britain permanently in 1953. Transferences: Sidney Nolan in Britain provides a long overdue account of Nolan’s life and work in Britain, and reinstates him as a significant figure in the post-war British art scene.

Published by the Sidney Nolan Trust and Pallant House Gallery as part of centenary celebrations of Sir Sidney Nolan’s birth, this fully-illustrated book includes new contributions from international scholars and contemporary artists.



Making It Home (Simon Mundy)

The processes that drive modern politics in Europe have deep and complex origins. Patterns of migration, invasion and dominance, formed over several thousand years, still determine Europe’s cultural landscape. Today’s Europeans have not yet learned how to take into account the national, regional and ethnic tangle and have developed a sense of cultural insecurity which cannot be satisfied by economic prosperity alone.

In this provocative, lively book, Simon Mundy discusses the forces that have shaped this sense, and argues that cultural problems need cultural solutions. It is debate of this calibre which can take us into the twenty first century with the ideal of a peaceful and dynamic Europe transformed from vision into reality. This book should be prescribed reading for all Europeans.


After The Games (Simon Mundy)

In these poems and sequences, Simon Mundy uses a lyrical impressionism to explore people and places that are just out of reach or left behind. There is humour in his warm observation and sometimes a poignant celebration of beauty and anger at its loss.

After The Games is Simon Mundy’s third book of poems. As well as poetry he has written several books on musicians, among them biographies of Elgar, Purcell and Tchaikovsky.


More for Helen of Troy (Simon Mundy)

“This is a book I will take with me as my companion everywhere - up high mountains, on the bus, to bed. Beautiful.” - Bettany Hughes

More for Helen of Troy is suffused with the atmosphere of the landscapes that inspire the poet: Italy, the lush countryside of Powys, and a number of islands all over the world – Grenada, Jamaica, Shetland. It is also deeply involved with many questions of desire: for the ideal of a beautiful woman; for the hope of a good state; for the vision of a pristine country and seaside. The tension between these ideals, between lofty aims and inevitable disappointments, come together in the main title sequence, where an entire society must scheme and suffer for the allure of Helen. Sometimes keenly satirical, often poignantly lyrical, these poems are both pointed and enjoyable.


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